Alcohol Units

Alcohol Units

About ten milliliters of pure (100%) alcohol (ethanol) are considered one unit of alcohol. This is the amount that a healthy human adult organism processes in one hour.

  • 1 glass (30 g) of vodka = 1 unit
  • 1 glass (50 g) of liqueur = 1 units
  • 1 glass (150 g) of dry wine = 1 units
  • 1 bottle (0.5 l) of light beer = 1.5 units
  • 1 bottle (0.5 l) of dark beer = 2.5 units
  • 1 bottle (0.7 l) of dry wine = 6 units
  • 1 bottle (0.5 l) of liqueur = 10 units
  • 1 bottle (0.5 l) of vodka = 15 units
  • 1 bottle (0.7 l) of vodka = 20 units
  • The optimal male daily dose is three to four units of alcohol, for a female – two to three. However, this does not mean that you can enjoy this amount every day with peace of mind and without any risk.
  • Neither a woman nor a man should exceed the maximum daily dose – five units.
  • The recommended weekly limit is 22 units for men and 12 for women.
  • You should abstain from using alcohol at least three days a week.

Count the units drunk over an evening and week!

If a man meets up with some friends and they just have a couple of beers, he will stay within his limits. However, if it is half a bottle of vodka each (0.5 l) – they will have each had three alcohol units too much.

If a woman finishes a bottle of dry wine (750 ml) with a girlfriend, they will have together consumed six units. Accordingly, the daily dose will not be exceeded. However, if they each consume a full bottle, that is considerably over the daily limit.

Don’t forget! Alcohol units cannot be saved up to have a wild time over the weekend. As soon as you exceed the daily allowable dose, you cause harm to your health, even if you have not had a drink for several days.