The Internet site Latvijas Alkohola Nozares Asociācijas (LANA) (Latvian Alcohol Industry Association) public education project.

LANA originated in 2003 and it includes:


  • JSC „Latvijas balzams”,
  • LLC „Pernod Ricard Latvia”,
  • LLC „Dunker Latvija”,
  • LLC „Prike Latvija”,
  • LLC “Drinks Distribution”,
  • LLC „Amber Distribution Latvia”.
  • LLC “Abavas dārzi”
  • LLC “Kroņstrauts”


LANA is a member of the European Alcohol Industry Association spiritsEUROPE and represents Latvia there. Its objectives are not only to defend the interests of alcohol producers and distributors, but also to bring significant benefits to the public. LANA also supports the development of culture, sports, science, and education in Latvia while also organizing charity events.


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